Core committee

Principles of the core committee

Vision: Discovery of how demography affects and shapes the evolution, abundance and distribution of organisms across the tree of life.

Mission: Facilitating comparative analysis of plant and animal demography through provision of data infrastructure, tools and open-access data.

Core committee member roles:

  • Provide for the sustainability of the databases through direction setting, database development and funding applications.
    • Contribute to annual core committee meetings
    • Seek & apply for funding for workshops & core meetings
  • Facilitate the coordination and distribution of data digitization.
    • Provide guidance on coordination of digitization through the institution of a head COMPADRino in the local node and COMPADRinos to digitize, error-check, complement and develop routines for comparative demographic analyses using matrix population models.
    • Seek and apply for funding opportunities to set up distributed digitization nodes and develop and contribute digitization training resources (see digitization structure figure).
  • Collaborate on training, research and review projects on plant and animal demography as opportunities arise
    • Initiate, lead and co-author papers, books, grant applications using the databases